Youth Accounts

Kirby Kangaroo Club

The Kirby Kangaroo® Club is just for kids! It is never too early to educate children about finances. Children 12 and under can benefit from having their very own Kirby Kangaroo savings account. Kids who make deposits and good grades receive Kirby Dollars that can be cashed in for cool prizes from Kirby Kangaroo’s treasure chest. There are no fees associated with the kid’s club savings account, only educational rewards.

  • $1 Minimum balance and NO monthly fees.
  • Kirby Kangaroo Club accounts receive same quarterly dividends as a traditional savings account. See current rate sheet.
  • Kirby Credits are awarded to kids who make deposits into their account and good grades in school. See below for breakdown of awarded Kirby credits.
    • 1 credit at the opening of a new account
    • 1 credit for an A&B report card
    • 2 credits for an A report card
    • 1 credit for deposits in the amts. of $1.00-$25.00
    • 2 credits for deposits in the amts. of $26.00-$49.00
    • 3 credits for deposits in the amts. of $50.00 and over

Bring your Kirby dollars by any Guardian location to redeem for prizes!

Kirby Kangaroo ClubVisit the Kirby Kangaroo Website for fun games and activities.

CU Succeed

For those 13-18 year olds who want to save money, the CU Succeed® Savings Account is just for them. Most teens will be starting their first job at this age and need somewhere to tuck away their hard earned money.

The CU Succeed® account allows young teens to have their own savings account and earn interest on the money they are saving. With the interactive CU succeed website, young teens can play games; learn about finances, how to make a budget, what credit is, and more. A little fun with a little financial education can make a big difference in a teenager’s financial footprint.

  • $1 minimum balance
  • No monthly fees  
  • 24/7 account access with free online, mobile, and telephone banking
  • Direct deposit

CU Succeed Logo Visit theCU Succeed® website for some fun.