Personal Loans

Signature Loans

Expect the unexpected with a personal loan from Guardian Credit Union! After all, you never know when you are going to need a little extra money to get you through. Call to schedule your appointment with one of our Member Service Consultants today!

Shared Secured Loan

Secure your loan using the funds in your share account at one of the lowest possible rates around. With rates at only 2% above current dividend rates for up to 24 months these loans are the way to go. Please see our current rate sheet for current dividend rates on share accounts.

Share Certificate - Secured Loans

Put your certificate of deposit account to good use and borrow at one of the lowest interest rates available! Thatís right; you can use your Guardian certificate of deposit account balance to help you borrow money! Pay only 2% above the rate currently being paid on your share certificate. Please see our current rate sheet for more details.

Student Loans

Continuing education made easy!

Going to college is an important time in someoneís life no matter their age. You have enough to worry about with all of the changes associated with going to college; donít worry about money too. Let Guardian help you with student loans. Apply Now!

Credit Matters Loan*

Helping You Strengthen Your Credit Score!

Your credit score can impact you in a variety of ways; including, the interest rates you receive on loans, your ability to rent or purchase a home, and even if a potential employer will hire you. If you want to establish credit for the first time, or need to rebuild poor credit, our Credit Matters Loan was designed with you in mind. The great news about our Credit Matters Loan is that every member qualifies, regardless of your credit score.

Our Credit Matters Loan is a maximum $1,500 share-pledged loan that you repay over a 12-month period. The loan proceeds are first placed in a restricted savings account, and will be released after the loan is paid in full.

Your successful payment history on your Credit Matters Loan will be reported to the credit bureaus, which can positively impact your credit score.

  • Free online Bill Pay
  • Free Payroll deduction to ensure on time payments

*Payment protection available on Guardian Credit Unions loan to protect you and your family in the case of death or disability.