Enjoying Retirement

Protect Your Wealth and Start Paying Yourself

The freedom to live the retirement lifestyle of your choice with more time to spend with your friends and family can make your retirement years truly enjoyable.  However, this is not the time to become complacent about your financial initiatives.  Stay open to new ideas and opportunities to leverage your money, even if you are satisfied with your products and their performance.

Here are some ways Guardian Credit Union can help you fortify your financial position during your retirement years:

1. Joing our Guardian Credit Untion Senior Advantage Club

Take advantage of several discounted items with our Senior Advantage Club.

2. Conserve time, money and paper with Guardian Credit Union’s convenient checking accounts with FREE online banking and FREE bill pay and no-charge ATM services

You’ll reduce the time it takes to pay your bills and save on the expense of printed paper checks and postage while helping the environment as well.

3. Relieve your family from making difficult decisions

Decisions about the disposition of your estate, a living will, burial and funeral arrangements can be made now so your wishes will be known and your family will be relieved of making important decisions under duress.

4. Rent a safe deposit box

This a convenient place to store important items that would be difficult or impossible to replace.  Guardian Credit Union’s safe deposit boxes offer privacy and in most cases, greater security than keeping your valuables and important documents elsewhere.  Additionally, some insurance companies charge lower insurance premiums on valuables kept in a bank's safe deposit box instead of at home.


  • Make sure your mortgage payment, including taxes and insurance, represents no more than 28 percent of your gross monthly income.
  • Review the cost of your health care insurance and make sure you are getting adequate coverage at the best price. 
  • Make wise purchasing decisions by determining what you “need” compared to what you “want.”  This will help you make ongoing decisions to keep your finances in check.   
  • Guard against impulse shopping, especially for costly purchases such as vehicles, major appliances, furniture, jewelry and the like.

Need Some Help?

For help determining the best accounts and products for sound and productive money management during your Active Families Lifestage, please contact us at 334-244-9999 or memberservices@myguardiancu.com.